Phoenix 2017 promises a bounty galore. With 70 teams comprising 4 participants per team, competing for one grand price and a few more, the Phoneix challenge will hit the head team with a cool Rs. 50,000/- followed by Rs. 25,000/- for the runner-up and Rs. 10,000/- for the second runner-up. The gaming challenge will host 5 days of testing the skills of over 350 teams comprising 1400 students.

Aspire to be the Phoenix 2017

Bonafide students, pursuing final year undergraduate studies in Commerce, Arts, Science and Engineering disciplines may register in groups of 4 per team.

MANTIS is the country’s organization devoted solely to simulation games for management and other areas of education. It has developed the widest rang. e in business simulation games in India in terms of complexity, objectives and range. Dr. Vinod Dumblekar is the founder and CEO of MANTIS, and the conductor of Phoenix. Dr. Dumblekar is on the advisory council of the International Simulation and Gaming Association. He has been closely associated with the Thai Simulation and gaming Association, Bangkok, since 2010.

House Rules for Phoenix 2017

  • Only undergraduate students of any stream are eligible to participate
  • Phoenix is a team event and will require 4 members in a team
  • No prior experience / expertise in simulation gaming needed for participation
  • Teams should register online through our web portal giving details required in the registration form to confirm their participation
  • Registration fee of Rs. 500/- per team is payable by cheque or DD favouring Firebird Institute of Research in Management, Coimbatore
  • Last date for registration is 3 days prior to the preferred gaming day
  • Teams can choose any one day between the 20th and 24th February 2017 for participation
  • Gaming rules will be explained by gaming conductor at the event
  • Gaming tools, technology will be provided for at the event
  • Teams should come equipped with calculators and writing instruments only


Team Information

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