Business Research Centre of Firebird Institute of Research in Management provides professional research assistance to business & industry on points referred by the client companies. The BRC has the capability to take up business research assignments in the broad areas of Business Strategy, Marketing of FMCG & Capital Goods, Financial Management, Productivity, and Human Resources Management. The duration of each research assignment varies on the basis of research issues given by client companies.


A team of Core Researchers of the Institute pilots all research assignments assigned to Firebird. The Core Team, in consultation with the client companies, formulates the research methodology, constructs data collection tools, analyses & interprets the data, and prepares research reports for presentation to the clients. The BRC has a battery of Enumerators for collection of primary data, under the strict quality norms of BRC. The Enumerators utilised by BRC are seasoned investigators, and are spread across States of Tamilnadu and Kerala. BRC can engage Enumerators in all other States of the country, if required.

Prof. S. Ganesan, who has more than 30 years of research experience and 35 completed research studies, heads the Research Team.


Approaches to Capital Structure

Comparative Study of North and South Indian Enterprises

Rural Development Programmes

A Study on Rural Development Programmes for Weaker Sections with Special Reference to Tiruchirappalli District, Tamilnadu

Women Entrepreneurs

Success Rate of Women Entrepreneurs in Tamilnadu

Evaluation of Science and Technology

Performance Evaluation of Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks in India

Trade Unions in the Functioning

A Study on The Impact of Trade Unions in the Functioning of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, India

Export Performance, Problems, and Prospects

A Study on Export Performance, Problems, and Prospects of Knitted Garments Industry in India

Investor Perception

Investor Perception on Mutual Funds

Intelligence System

A Study on the Intelligence System as the Heart of Policing with particular reference to Tamilnadu Police

Adaptability of Indian Business

Adaptability of Indian Business and Industry to eCommerce

Quality Gaps in Service Industry

A Study on Quality Gaps in Service Industry

Study on Health Insurance

An Exploratory Study on Health Insurance Sector in India

Study on Readymade Garment

An Analytical Study on Readymade Garment Industry in Tamilnadu with Special Reference to Chennai

The Behaviour of Stock Prices

The Behaviour of Stock Prices in India: Response to Announcement of Bonus Issues

Impact of HR Practices

Impact of HR Practices on Total Quality Performance

Measurement of Resources Returned

Measurement of Resources Returned to Government in respect of the Inputs Committed by Government for Promoting Small Scale Industrial Units with reference to Tamilnadu State

Study on Carnatic Music Industry

An Empirical Study on Carnatic Music Industry with special reference to Artists and Products Development

Evaluation of Scientific Staff

Performance Evaluation of Scientific Staff in Public and Private R&D Organisations

Factors Influencing Success

Factors Influencing Success of Women Entrepreneurship in India

Trends in Corporate Savings

Trends in Corporate Savings in India

Study on Inter-relationship

An Empirical Study on Inter-relationship Between Intrinsic Value, Market Value, EVA and MVA of Select Industries in India

Mode for Improving EVA

Training as a Mode for Improving EVA

Organisation Culture & its Impact on Social Capital

22. “Organisation Culture & its Impact on Social Capital amongst the Apparel Manufacturing & Exporting Organisations with reference to Tirupur Cluster, India”, J. Shanthilakshi, Bharathiar University, July 2010

Socio Economic Factors

A Study on the Socio Economic Factors Influencing Liquor Consumption Habits of Keralites

Study of Entrepreneurial Competence

A Study of Entrepreneurial Competence as Determinant of Entrepreneurial Success in the Indian Context

Effect of Occupational Stress

Effect of Occupational Stress on Subjective Well-being of Blue-collar Employees with Special Reference to BHEL, Trichirappalli

Impact of Emotional Intelligence

An Empirical Study on the Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Interpersonal Competence among Generation X Managers with reference to Manufacturing Industry

Study on Complaining Behaviour

A Study on Complaining Behaviour of Indian Consumers

Explorative Study on Network Clinical Laboratory

An Explorative Study on Network Clinical Laboratory Industry in India with special reference to Service Quality

Stock Price Movement

An Empirical Study on the Influence of Gold, Crude Oil, & US Dollar on Stock Price Movement in India

Factors Contributing to Success of Akshaya e-Centres